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Sustainable Business Network
We are members of the Sustainable Business Network.

For any work that comes to us via the Sustainable Business Network, we will give 5% to Hillpark Schools children's garden.

NZ Bookkeepers Association
We are members of the New Zealand Bookkeepers Association.

The NZBAI was born out of a shared vision for a strong platform for the bookkeeping profession in New Zealand. Established in 2010, the NZBAI is a membership organisation which offers benefits to its members and peace of mind to the wider business community, through a collective voice and bookkeeper certification programme.

Learn more about NZ Bookkeepers Association.

BNI City Business
We are members of BNI. Our chapter is called BNI City Business. We meet every Friday at Mozaik in Grafton, on Nugent Street at 7am - please feel free to visit.

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